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Why stay at
"Il Gatto Rosso" and "Villa Ella" -

Why stay at
"Il Gatto Rosso" and "Villa Ella" -


Rest, free time, excursions
& Exclusive stay...

Relax in the garden.
Visit the excavations of Pompeii, Oplonti or Herculaneum.
Take an excursion to the Vesuvius National Park.
A motorcycle ride on the Amalfi Coast... and so much more.

We will be glad to advise you and give you all the information about it.


to live unforgettable experiences -

The surrounding area is remarkably generous, offering you a wide choice of cultural activities and leisure.

Structures duly registered with the Campania Tourism Regional Agency.

Il Gatto Rosso


Villa Ella


Our history is made of love and sacrifice in the name of the noble art of hospitality.

We know where we started and we know where we want to get to.
For this reason we are willing to improve ourselves so that we can always be ready to satisfy our guests.

Treat yourself to a relaxing and satisfying holiday at the foot of Vesuvius -

The ideal home to rest after an intense day of discovering a fabulous territory that offers a thousand emotions and that will surprise you positively with generosity and without limits.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Can I stay with you despite COVID-19?

We always pay special attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of our facilities.

For the health of our guests, for their safety, after each check-out all the rooms of the holiday home are sanitized and sanitized as per our protocol.

How does the reception take place?

Tina, Silvio and Giuseppe, managers of the holiday home, living on the upper floor of the villa where the holiday home is located on the ground floor, personally welcome guests for check-in.

How do I receive information after booking?

Our guests, after booking, are provided with the mobile numbers of the hosts with whom they can talk at any time via calls and whatsapp.

If necessary, the information may also be provided in person.

How can I ask you about the activities in the surroundings?

As in the vicinity of the hotel there are dozens and dozens of places of interest, archaeological and cultural, as well as beautiful natural attractions to their arrival, guests are in the living room, in plain sight, exhibitors, leaflets and brochures, tourist sites and archaeological of our wonderful land.

We are always available and happy to assist our guests in order to use them, that's why we are always available to provide our guests with any type of information to make the stay interesting, relaxing and enjoyable.

How do I pay for my reservation?

Through web portals

Reservations confirmed through the web portals are managed by bank transfer to the current account of the structure.

Direct bookings

The amount of the booking confirmation deposit is 20% of the total amount to be paid for the stay.

Direct bookings are adjusted for cash or credit cards.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Through web portals

Cancellations through web portals  are regulated according to the rules provided by each portal.

Direct bookings

Direct bookings can be cancelled by email or communication via phone or whatsapp.

If I cancel the reservation I am entitled to a refund of the deposit?

You are entitled to refund of the deposit within 7 days prior to the scheduled start date of stay.